Softhis has defined approach to its business activity.

Requirements, determining the success of the project.

The right way of collecting the information and documentation affects on whole team’s work. When developers understand all requirements, they build indeed what was intended.
Softhis approach is to combine the requirements analysis phase with the design phase in a series of meetups. In this approach, all information, decisions and business rules will be documented and visualised. This way all of the objectives and requirements are catered for, and that the proposed solution will be verifiably the right one.

Work and technology

Softhis has developed a technology which makes it possible to design every screen of an application with a holistically approach and the incredible efficiency, without having to pay out additional, large sums of money.

Agile development

Projects are developed using the Agile software development methodology. Applications are developed using a range of appropriate technologies.

Quality Assurance

Softhis has dedicated Testers (QAs). Usually the automated unit tests to validate the sanity of the application’s logic and behaviour are done. Those tests are in the form of supplementary program code that verify the application’s code.

Project deployment and support

When the application has gone live the work doesn’t stop. As the business evolves, Softhis ensures support and software’s growth, to develop new features and functionality that are needed.