Softhis Workflow for BMW VERTRIEBS GMBH


Softhis has crafted for the BMW VERTRIEBS GMBH bespoke application, that is automating workflow of sales information of cars in Poland. New software allows to achieve a lot more and naturally saves costs.
It optimizes the flow of information between the BMW VERTRIEBS GMBH, and the dealers throughout the country.

Production and implementation

The first stage of work on the system was:


  • analyzing the business process
  • making specification of the new requirements to support work in the BMW VERTRIEBS GMBH.

New software has been designed and implemented strictly according to the customer’s guidelines.
Bespoke application, Softhis Workflow is based on an optimized and systematic flow of information between dealers throughout the country and headquarters of BMW VERTRIEBS GMBH. Automating tasks improves morale and cuts staff turnover. With automation the communication process is clear.
A computer system handle recurring, everyday tasks, with an accuracy and efficiency that no human can reproduce.

Bespoke application, Softhis Workflow is based on an optimized and systematic flow of information between dealers throughout the country and headquarters of BMW VERTRIEBS GMBH. Automating tasks improves morale and cuts staff turnover. With automation the communication process is clear.
A computer system handle recurring, everyday tasks, with an accuracy and efficiency that no human can reproduce.

PAYBACK - Loyalty e-commerce platform



Loyalty Partner Polska Sp. z o.o., PAYBACK bonus program operator in Poland decided to carry out a project to implement an online store with prizes intended for clients of the Program. Softhis as the contractor is responsible for the design, development works, implementation and support.


PAYBACK e-shop lets PAYBACK Bonus Program participants to order products in exchange for points earned in the Program, with the possibility of additional cash payment. Each product is available on the website has a slider where you can specify the proportion of points and money, but minimum of points is always determined.


  • new, more useful intreface
  • suppliers integration in groups with order disjunction between them, with point and payment splitting
  • determine payments – setting proportion of points and cash
  • real-time payments authorization by Przelewy24

Implemented promotional module allows to:

  • promotion attribution to specified card number
  • percentage and quota promotion for choosen products or categories
  • single and repeated promotions
  • promotions based on codes

„The result of this collaboration is a system that allows PAYBACK bonus program users to order rewards in exchange for points earned in the program with the possibility of paying an additional fee payment. Softhis as a contractor of the project was responsible for preparing specifications and architecture, software development, graphics design and platform implementation. Company has established itself as a reliable and professional partner with whom we build long-term relationship in the product development and its maintenance.”

Miłosz Pałka
Senior Online Manager




Cooperation efficiency is one of the most importing trends in business. This is the reason why software house Softhis developed for its client an internet platform for documents authorization and online agreements.


Softhis was responsible for the functional and technical analysis, feasibility study, architecture and algorithms, integration with BPM process engine and electronic signature mechanisms. The project also included development of web platform, mobile applications (iOS, Android) and also implementation of the system made on a secure, private cloud. gather companies and single users who are a part of making agreements process. Platform allows to create and send immediately documents to outside users, meanwhile making document flow inside a company. Autenti in addition to the standard situation, where agreements are signed between different companies, allows you to define your own process (es) to contract. With each type of document may be associated different control of flow and information.

The platform can support the agreement, declaration of intent, receipt, minutes or notes from the meeting. Automation in this case is to bring savings in time and eliminate the cost of delay arising from sending documents by post or courier.


  • automation – document flow and workflow between the companies and within the organization
  • speed – authorize documents and sign a contracts with an Internet connection speed
  • comfort – only one account, and so many uses
  • certainty – random one will not come into possession of your contracts
  • security – safety and security of your data is a top priority
  • cost efficiency – you can forget about printing and scanning documents, queuing at the post office and courier visits

„Softhis created for Autenti Ltd. comprehensive IT solution – a platform to authenticate documents and conclude contracts on the Internet. Experience of working together on a project allows us to recommend Softhis as a reliable and professional partner in the field of custom software implementations, systems integration and IT consultancy.”

Grzegorz Wójcik




The goal of application is displaying ACP’s Board Study Guide in PDF files on smartphones and tablets screens.


Application developed on iOS and Android devices is delivering solution for mobile e-learning which is extremely useful for busy medicine doctors. Every user can log in, download / upload content, view PDF files, browse docs through internal web browser for links opening add to favourites function. Application is also equipped with CMS for:

  • adding new content
  • app contents structure management
  • updating PDF files with new version


  • clean and useful interface design
  • users authorization
  • mobile knowledge sharing
  • app availability on App Store and Google Play

„Softhis made our knowledge more mobile. As our partner, team developed Android & iOS applications which allow members of American College of Prosthodontists to share knowledge any time and anywhere on mobile devices. Our successful cooperation lead to conclusion, that Softhis is agile and reliable software developer.”

Mark Heiden
Associate Executive Director




Construction and manufacturing companies operating in many countries need an effective workflow management – from drawing board to final assembly. It was no different in Llentabhallen, Swedish manufacturer and constructor of steel buildings, with subsidiaries in Norway, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine.


Complexity of activities at Llentabhallen Sp. z o.o. meant that even the most advanced commercial systems were not able to meet its demands. That is why the project required very individual approach. With this assumption Softhis began work on complex, dedicated system, which can actually affect and improve everyday work of Llentabhallen Sp. z o.o. employees. Delivered solution improves and control flow, architecture design, deliveries and assembly planning.

Works on system, which Llentabhallen Sp. z o.o. is using lasted 10 months and this workflow platform is still developed. Furthermore, new bespoke solution is integrated with already existing IT infrastructure based in headquarters in Sweden. Looking at the size of the enterprise we can say that the project was created in rapid pace, maintaining user-friendly environment with respect to functionality and visual effect.


  • automation – information flow between both assembly employees and managers, documents flow
  • cost efficiency – workflow planning within the organization
  • just in time – with better planned work company has maintain quick component deliveries
  • security – platform held on internal servers is well protected from outside IT hazards

„Softhis has prepared for Llentabhallen IT system which improve and control information flow, design and assembly planning. Since that moment, collaboratively with Softhis, we are developing the system, making it more functional and helpful. This implementation made us more cost effective thanks to information flow control, making it easier and helped to regulate our activities.”

Michał Szpilewski